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As a dedicated lawyer, I am determined to provide my clients with reliable and trustworthy assistance in all their legal matters. My heart beats especially for the sensitive area of international law for immigrant families, where personal problems are involved that require a suitable legal framework. With empathy and determination, I strongly represent your interests at this intersection of migration and family law.

My work

From the initial consultation to the conclusion of your matter, I will guide you with full dedication.
My expertise extends to international divorce and child custody proceedings. In addition, I have extensive knowledge of migration law, particularly in the areas of immigration of skilled workers and family reunification. I always keep up to date and continuously expand my knowledge in order to provide the best possible advice and support.
In my law firm, I rely heavily on the use of legal tech and digital mandate processing. Through modern technologies, I work more efficiently and can offer a faster and more transparent handling of your matters.
Another special feature of my law firm is providing advice entirely in English if German is not your native language. This allows us to communicate effectively and understandably in your preferred language.
If you would like to take advantage of my advice, you are welcome to book an online consultation.

My legal services

International Family Law

Which law is applicable to our marriage? How will my foreign divorce be recognized in Germany? According to which law is alimony determined? Families are becoming more and more international. In Germany, too, more and more bi-national marriages are taking place. But if different nations are involved, there are often uncertainties regarding marriage law, divorce law or alimony law.
For this purpose, international family law answers all legal questions arising from cross- border family relationships. It includes regulations on marriage, divorce, parental responsibility, maintenance, custody and adoption, if at least one of the parties involved has a connection to another country. The aim of international family law is to resolve conflicts and create uniform rules for family matters. Because of international agreements, national laws, and court decisions, it can be very complex.
Whether you are in the middle of an international divorce or want to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Our family law firm can also help you with cross-border issues.

Divorce with a foreign Connection

If you and your partner have agreed to divorce, you are probably wondering what the process of that divorce will be. By deciding to divorce, you have already taken the first and most difficult step. Now you are looking for an experienced attorney in the area of divorce law. He or she will discuss your wishes and goals with you and provide you with transparent information about the legal situation. If both spouses agree, the lawyer will be hired. After that, the application for divorce must be prepared in court. All relevant aspects of the divorce consequences must be settled in consultation with a lawyer. The following questions often arise:

Who remains in the marital home?
How will the assets be divided?
How should joint debts be handled?
With whom should the children live and how should visitation rights be regulated?
Who will bear the costs for the children (e.g. clothing, school supplies)?
Are there any claims for maintenance and if so, how will these be settled?

As a lawyer for family law, I will gladly support you in your divorce. I will be happy to check for you whether all requirements have already been met and whether possible disagreements can be settled out of court. My goal is to carry out your divorce as quickly as possible. Therefore, please feel free to book an online consultation.

Skilled Immigration

Are you planning to settle permanently in Germany? As a foreigner in Germany, life can sometimes be very complex. You often need permits, applications and, above all, patience to deal with authorities, work contracts and travel. However, the legal provisions are often confusing and legally demanding. As lawyer for immigration law, I accompany you from the application for the visa to the granting of the residence permit. I will assist you with any questions concerning residence permits. I am happy to handle all correspondence with the immigration authorities or the court in order to cause you as little stress as possible in this difficult situation. If you would like to entrust me with your mandate, be welcome to book an online consultation.

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